13 Reasons for Having a Business Listing

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1. A business Listing allows you to reach a wider audience. Not only can you reach customers from all over the world, but you can also access even more from your local area too. Fact is more people in your region will be active online e.g. accessing the internet via their home PC's, than there will be reading ads in their local newspaper.

2. Cheaper than Print Advertising Once you have arranged for your business information to be displayed online to potential customers, then it can be there for a long time to come, and you can update it if and when it’s required e.g. product/price changes, etc. Compare this against print adverts where they may only be displayed in a newspaper or magazine for a day, week or month at most, quite often at considerable cost, with little ROI.

3. Your business listing is on 24/7/365 days. Your business listing works for you 24-7 with no labor costs. Your listing markets your business for you while you sleep.

4. Builds Trust and Credibility. The fact is many people use the internet prior to making a purchase in order to research what suits them best and it aids in their decision making. If your business and its products/services are not showing online then many customer will take you less seriously that one of your competitors who is online. For example, if you have won any awards or are a member of any professional body, industry or organization, then you can mention this on your business listing.

5. Promotes Your ‘Bricks and Mortar’ Presence. Even if you don’t actually sell anything online via your business listing, the fact is having a business listing will give people reassurance when they are considering a purchase. For example, if your business focuses on your local area only e.g. an electrical repair business in Berea, Durban, then many people in that area will search online for an electrical repair shops in the Berea, Durban area to find out what is available. Far more people are searching online, than there are people browsing through the Yellow Pages. Once they find the local electrical repair shops online, they will then be able to make a phone call to the business of their choice or come and visit you. Without a business listing you would not be found and would lose business to your competitors who are online.

6. Protect Your Brand. Not only will having a business listing on a directory website help generate more orders for you, it will also help secure you brand online. If you don’t have a business directory listing for your business online, then there is always the danger that “cyber squatters” will register your business name online. Even worse, anybody with an axe to grind, or an unscrupulous competitor might set up a online listing to damage your business reputation. Ensuring you have an online presence will help protect your brand.

7. A business directory website address is easier to remember than a phone number. The web address or URL (universal resource locator) of your business listing is most likely going to be infinitely easier to remember than the physical address of your business or your office phone number. That alone is reason enough to have a business directory listing.

8. Customer service can be handled on the business listing. How many times do you hear the same questions over and over from different customers? As with any business, most customers have the same set of questions and concerns. By having an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) online, you can reduce customer service costs and save yourself time and money. You can provide more information that cannot be covered on a business card or flyer. This is where Reviews on a business directory play an important role

9. It’s easy and cheap to change company information and marketing material on your business listing page. You know how costly it can be to have to change product information or prices on all your catalogs, brochures, and marketing material. It’s much cheaper, easier, and faster to change all this information online.

10. A business directory listing site increases the geographic range of your business. If you are a small business, you rely on foot-traffic and referrals for your business. By leveraging the Internet, potential customers not within your immediate geographic area can also find your business.

11. You can very accurately track the traffic on your business listing page. Using analytical tools you can find out exactly how many visitors come through, how long they spend on your listing. Can you say the same about your print ads, flyers, and other marketing methods?

12. Marketing on the Internet. Is much more cost effective than traditional marketing methods. Placing ads in newspapers, making flyers can be very expensive. Fortunately marketing on the Internet isn’t and can be done on a budget.

13. Professional business presence. In today’s age a business without a phone number or a physical address can seem shady. It’s slowly becoming accepted that a business must also have a business directory listing, website and an email address. A website together with your business directory listing allows a business to be and look more professional. While a website acts as a display window for a business.


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