How Contractors Can Benefit From Home Fixer Ads

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Home Fixer Ads is a local online contractors listing and advertising hub. The main purpose is to assist in finding contractor services, suppliers and reviews about the various service providers. This will assist in finding the right person to repair or improve on your home or work place and to save you time and money. You will find contractors for all residential, commercial and industrial building, renovation, repairs and maintenance on the directory. The Home Fixer Ads has also been set up so that the role players in the building contractors and renovation specialists can find suppliers and subcontractors easily, as they are all on the same listing and advertising hub

Many smaller contractor firms advertise in local newspapers and in directories such as the Yellow Pages. Which have become obsolete or in effective. When an emergency occurs such as a burst water pipe or geyser, very few people have a Yellow Pages directory available to find a plumber. And the next solution is to find an old newspaper and search for an available plumber. For the person who is doing a search for a plumber having additional information on a services provider making the choice then becomes much easier. The following information on a listing is available, such as the Business name, the Registration number, Website, the Business Type, and the Hours of the Business, a full Business Description and Reviews. Many of these details are not found in the Yellow Pages or in the local newspaper ads.


With our modern technology available and the use of Mobile Technology, nearly every citizen has a cell phone. The South African population consists of around 56 million people and there are more active SIM cards in the country than citizens. Many of the cell phones are also Smart Phones which are not only used for phoning and messaging, but for banking, accessing social media and online search. Research has shown the more than 60% of the population regularly access the internet from their mobile devices. Google and other search engines receive more searches from mobile devices that desk top devices. This is the major reason why our marketing platforms have become digital and the old conventional methods of advertising has become obsolete and costly. There has been a large decrease in the sale of paper copies of newspapers and magazines in the last few years.


The solution today is advertising on a digital medium that is easy and cheaper and that can be updated and improved instantly by the advertiser. For the user searching for a service provider from their mobile device or a desktop computer the search will result in finding the most suitable person or company closest to where you are. For many home owners their properties or homes are their biggest and most valuable asset. Research has shown that when home and building owners maintain and improve their properties the return on their investment increases in time. Your home is also a reflection of who you are and many home owners place great emphasis on projecting their personality through their home. Even the large corporates will exhibit artwork throughout the foyer and corridors of the offices, to project the correct image of the company.


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