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First, choose a plan to suit your budget and strategy.

Then, use the registration form to create your business listing page.

As you go through the registration process, give your prospects the information they need to select a supplier. Describe your business, tell them where you are located, how you can be contacted. Build your web page which stands out!


Your business listing goes online.

You get your account login and password so that you can modify your business details, offers or events at any time.



As soon as it goes online, your business listing page becomes visible to our users.

Your company gets visibility and ranking on our website and on all national search engines.

You start getting leads and valuable traffic is driven to your website.

Your business listing page is also available on mobile phones.

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Add your company and manage your web identity.
We offer directory listings for all types of companies
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  • 13 Reasons for Having a Business Listing

    1. A business Listing allows you to reach a wider audience. Not only can you reach customers from all over the world, but you can also access even more from your local area too. Fact is more people in your region will be active online e.g. accessing the internet via their home PC's, than there will be reading ads in their local newspaper.

    2. Cheaper than Print Advertising Once you have arranged for your business information to be displayed online to potential customers, then it can be there for a long time to come, and you can update it if and when it’s required e.g. product/price changes, etc. Compare this against print adverts where they may only be displayed in a newspaper or magazine for a day, week or month at most, quite often at considerable cost, with little ROI.

  • Why We Love Home Fixer Ads for Finding Best Contractors

    Online business directories are comprehensive platforms that allow customers to identify, search and contact businesses relevant to them in no time.

    What www.Homefixerads.co.za Does?

    Homefixerads.co.za is South Africa’s best online business directory of contractor listings where you can find services of building, repair, remodeling and maintenance. It does not only provide you local supplier’s information but it is a hub for searching suppliers and outlets nationwide. This professional building contractor diary’s main purpose is to help customers find you easily and use your services.

  • How Contractors Can Benefit From Home Fixer Ads

    Home Fixer Ads is a local online contractors listing and advertising hub. The main purpose is to assist in finding contractor services, suppliers and reviews about the various service providers. This will assist in finding the right person to repair or improve on your home or work place and to save you time and money. You will find contractors for all residential, commercial and industrial building, renovation, repairs and maintenance on the directory. The Home Fixer Ads has also been set up so that the role players in the building contractors and renovation specialists can find suppliers and subcontractors easily, as they are all on the same listing and advertising hub

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Home Fixer Ads is a professional and reliable business contractor directory. Contractors and Suppliers can create professional business directory listings that will be found by prospects seeking contractor services.

By using Home Fixer Ads Business Directory, you can provide your clients with multiple benefits and the possibility to promote your business offers and events, map localization, contact details, and much more.

About Home Fixer Ads

Homefixerads.co.za is your best source for all projects regarding building, renovation, repairs and maintenance.

On this site, you’ll discover service providers from local and national suppliers and outlets.

Whether you want to start your own project or hire a contractor you will be able choose from a list of available contractors and suppliers.

Read the reviews and add your review after completion of the project. Compare rates and find discounts and promotions!

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